Staff Roster


Administrative Staff

Contact Position Phone
Kimberly Gober Executive Director 856-845-4959 x218
Jessica Laine Assistant to the Executive Director 856-845-4959 x218
Alma Asllanaj MIS Director 856-845-4959 x224
Elida Ortiz Human Resources Administrator 856-845-4959 x217
Walter Norris Hearing Officer 856-845-4959 x202
Stella T. Barnes               Administrative Assistant 856-845-4959 x221
Nelly Rojas               Administrative Aide 856-845-4959 x218

Finance Department


Contact Position Phone
Grace Seeney Finance Director 856-845-4959 x214
Michael Jezierski Accountant 856-845-4959 x220
Sherry Little Accounts Payable          856-845-4959 x222
Catherine Petroski Accounts Receivable 856-845-4959 x216
Edward Malinak Purchasing 856-845-4959 x219

Tenant Processing

Contact Position Phone
Janice Freer Supervisor-Section 8 Programs 856-853-1190 x209
Heather Faulkner Family Self-Sufficiency Homeownership Coordinator 856-853-1190 x228

Nancy Motson
Inspection Coordinator 856-853-1190 x211
Jon Cama Section 8 Inspector 856-853-1190 x238
Katherine Rosario Tenant Interviewer/Investigator 856-853-1190 x223
Tawana Law Tenant Interviewer/Investigator  856-853-1190 x213
Morgan Cox Tenant Interviewer/Investigator 856-853-1190 x205
Pamela Roberts Tenant Interviewer/Investigator 856-853-1190 x227
Jill Kaminski Tenant Interviewer/Investigator 856-853-1190 x208

Affordable Housing Operations Department

Contact Position Phone
Paul D.Letizia AHO Director 856-845-4959 x607
John Rasmus Modernization Coordinator 856-845-4959 x603
Elizabeth McGowan  Occupancy Specialist Manager 856-845-4959 x502
Sonja Bennis Congregate Coordinator 856-845-4959 x242
Ashley Hill  Tenant Interviewer/Investigator III  856-845-4959 x245
Kate Di Vietro Tenant Interviewer/Investigator III 856-845-4959 x503
Barbara Nicholson Tenant Interviewer/Investigator 856-845-4959 x237
Steven McComb   Resident Relations Coordinator 856-845-4959 x602
Madeline Vazquez   Site Manager GHA 856-881-5212 x201


Intake Department

Contact Position Phone
Eydie Blair   Intake Department Supervisor/Portability Coordinator 856-853-1190 x203
Letitia Everly Senior Housing Specialist 856-853-1190 x207
Margie Myers Wait List Information 856-853-1190 x212
James Bundy Tenant Interviewer/Investigator 856-853-1190 x206
Chrystal Travis Receptionist 856-853-1190 x201


100 Pop Moylan Blvd
Deptford NJ 08096
Phone: 856-845-4959