Portability Instructions for the Housing Authority of Gloucester County -  PORT-IN

  1. This agency will absorb vouchers effective 1/1/09 until further notice.
  2. The payment standards are on the back of this form.
  3. The listings for possible vacancies are on the internet at:
  4. The address, telephone and fax information is:
    The Housing Authority of Gloucester County
    100 Pop Moylan Boulevard
    Deptford, NJ 08096
    * Fax 856-251-6671
  5. The contact person is:
    Eydie Blair
    Intake Department Supervisor
  6. Once the caseworker from your housing agency sends the required Portability forms that include:  HUD-52665 and HUD-50058 with a copy of your voucher, this agency will set you up with a date and time to come into this office to prepare a file for you here.
  7. We require that you bring in birth certificates, social security cards, proof of income and banking information for all family members to this appointment.  Other documents will be requested as needed.
  8. Once your appointment has been completed, you will receive a Request for Tenancy Approval Form to take to your prospective landlord.
  9. When the landlord and you fill in the form, please bring it back to this agency as soon as possible.
  10. An inspection will be scheduled as soon as an inspector is available to go to the area that the unit is located in.
  11. Once all documents, RFTA’s and completed inspections are in your file you will be contacted to sign a lease.                                      

Portability Instructions for The Housing Authority of Gloucester County - PORT OUT

  1. You must submit a written request to this agency with:
    • The name of the housing authority
    • The name of the contact person for portability
    • The address
    • The telephone number and fax number
    • Your name and telephone number
  2. You may search for vacancies in the area that you would like to move to on:  socialserve.com
  3. This agency must send a fax to the receiving housing authority that you have selected to confirm their billing arrangement.
  4. When this agency receives confirmation of the billing arrangement for the receiving housing authority your written request for portability will be approved or denied. 
  5. If you are approved, arrangements will be made for a Housing Choice Voucher to be signed by you with 60 days for your housing search.  If you do not locate housing in 60 days, you may be able to request an extension on your Voucher from the receiving housing agency in accordance with 24CFR 982.355(6)
  6. When your voucher is signed all of the necessary portability forms (HUD-52665 and HUD-50058) will be e-mailed, faxed or mailed with your voucher to the receiving housing authority.
  7. You will be responsible to submit a letter to your current landlord and send a copy of the letter to your caseworker here that you are moving out of the unit or terminating the lease in accordance with Obligations of the Family 24 CFR 982.551(f).
  8. Once your portability packet has been mailed, you will need to stay in contact with the portability contact person for the receiving housing authority.
  9. Procedures and policies will be in accordance with the receiving housing authority for your move to their jurisdiction.                             




100 Pop Moylan Blvd
Deptford NJ 08096
Phone: 856-845-4959